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Read What Our Customers Are Saying

Thomson Roofing Inc.’s customers are happy with our exceptional and affordable roofing services. From roofing installations to roofing repairs, we can do them all efficiently. Read what our customers are saying about us and our services.

Roof Shingles with No Charge

"My roof was done by Thomson Roofing prior to the storm in May of 2018. I lost a few shingles due to high winds and my house is on a high hill so the wind really whips thru. I called Mr. Thomson and I had full intention to pay for the repair because it was “mother nature” who caused my problem. The guys were back the same day I called and replaced the shingles. After a few weeks I never received the bill for the repair, I called the office and the girl said: “no charge” I was happily surprised and thanked her very much. "

- Andrea R. (Cambridge, ON)

Great Cleanup

"After getting three quotes from companies I went with Thomson Roofing, their quote was priced in the middle but I felt the extra money spent on a company that has been around for years was ok. After the job was done I was really happy I did. You never would know there was a roofing project going on. The cleanup was great and not one nail was found. My neighbour watched all day and phoned me in the evening to tell me he was impressed with the company. My neighbour is the type who is hard to please so if Thomson can impress him than I know I have a good roof."

- Bill B. (Kitchener, ON)

Pleased with My Roofing Job

"I was pleased with my roofing job and even more impressed when the next day my neighbour said he had a flat and could see a nail in his tire (we have a shared driveway) so I thought I will call and see if this is something Thomson can help me with. I had myself prepared because my neighbour was making me pay for the tire to be fixed which meant having someone come here to do it. Explained to the girl what happened and she just arranged for CAA to come to fix it no questions asked. Everyone was happy."

-  Carol F. (Ayr, Ontario)

Good Experience with Thomson

"We had a good experience with Thomson. Everything was done in a professional manner and the crew was great. All the guys were polite and knew their stuff when my husband asked a few questions. We are seniors so we were worried about how things would go, I was happy there were no problems.

Thanks again"

-  Rose and Jim H. (Waterloo, Ontario)

Identified Roof Leak and Fixed It

"Thomson did a small repair for me, the leak was not a straightforward leak, but once Paul found it he was able to fix it and hasn’t leaked since (had it done in June 2018) Paul is a great guy knows his stuff."

-  Ron D. (Waterloo, Ontario)

Highly Recommend Thomson Roofing Inc.

"I have 4 skylights side by side Paul came out and changed all 4 skylights. I was pleased with his work and would highly recommend Thomson Roofing. Thanks again, Paul."

-  Elly J. (Kitchener, Ontario)

Roofing Repair With Ease

"I am a very difficult person to work with and I know it so when I hired Thomson Roofing I told Lori that I was hard to please and she needs to know this up front. I told her I don’t want smoking on my property or swearing and a few other requests too. I watched these guys all day and there were a few things I wasn’t happy about. I called Lori immediately and I know she called someone because within minutes the problem was sorted. I know I am a person who does not like my personal space invaded but I knew I had to get my roof done so that meant having strangers on my property for the day....which I hated but I knew I had to do. In the end, the job took 6 hours and I can honestly say I was fine with things in the end.

Lori understood my hang-ups and respected them and for that, I am thankful....thanks again Lori I was actually surprised you called me to do this as I am sure I was your worst customer ....."

-  Marilyn S. (Waterloo, Ontario)

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